Alkalinity Test Kit HANNA

Alkalinity Test Kit HANNA
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The HANNA alkalinity test kit makes monitoring easy, quick and safe. The compact size gives the user the versatility to use the kit anywhere. The design makes the kit easy to handle and, except for alkalinity titrant, practically prevents accidental injury or damage due to spills.

Alkalinity can be measured as phenolpthalein alkalinity and total alkalinity. The phenolpthalein alkalinity is determined by neutralizing the sample to a pH of 8.3 using a dilute hydrochloric acid solution, and a phenolpthalein indicator.  Since bicarbonate ions can be converted to carbonic acid with additional hydrochloric acid, the phenolpthalein alkalinity measures total hydroxide ions, but only half of the bicarbonate contribution.


Order Information:
HI 3811 test kit comes with 10 mL phenolpthalein indicator, 10 mL bromophenol blue indicator, 120 mL alkalinity titrant, 10 mL calibrated vessel, 50 mL calibrated vessel, and calibrated syringe with tip.

  • Specifications

Method   Titration
Range   0-100 mg/L
0-300 mg/L
Smallest Increment   1 mg/L
3 mg/L
Chemical Method   Phenolphthalein/Bromphenol blue
Number of Tests   approx. 110
Weight   460 g

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