(TF-1000) 1000ul Universal Fit Filter Tips <1000 pc/Pck> AXYGEN

(TF-1000) 1000ul Universal Fit Filter Tips <1000 pc/Pck> AXYGEN
Brand: Axygen Products
Product Code: TF-1000
Availability: In Stock
Price: Rs. 3,840
This product has a maximum quantity of 20
Filter material prevents passage of aerosols but allows free passage of air
Maxymum Recovery* technology provides excellent accuracy and prevents wastage of precious samples
Wide bore tips are ideal for pipetting viscous materials, genomic DNA or delicate cell cultures
Presterilized tips are e-beam irradiated to prevent product degradation
Available in sterile and nonsterile formats
Volume range: 0.5 to 1250µL
Color: Clear


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