Micro Centrifuge Tubes, Clear (2.0 Ml) <1000 Tube/Pck> GENAXY

Micro Centrifuge Tubes, Clear (2.0 Ml) <1000 Tube/Pck> GENAXY
Brand: Genaxy
Product Code: GEN-MT-200-C
Availability: In Stock
Price: Rs. 712
This product has a maximum quantity of 20

Click Deal High Capacity Micro Centrifuge Tubes.


Click Seal High capacity Microcentrifuge tubes fit all popular mincrentrifuge rotors.

Writing surface on flat cap and side wall for quick sample ID.

Unique side gated mold design eliminates risk of glove or finger puncture cased by sharp bottom gated protrusions on other tubes.

Superior clarity and external graduations ensure accurate, reproducible lab results.

Withstands temperatures from + 121°c to -80°c and RCF of 27,000xf with proper rotor support.

Positive click seal design allows repeated cap closure and eliminates pressure induced popping of caps during incubation.

All tubes available in natural polypropylene, in rainbow packs of five transparent colors, or as pack of single color including Amber.


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